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Study in Canada in French for less than 3,100,000 FCFA fees per year and in English for less than 3,700,000 FCFA per year.
Why Canada?

- Top educational standards
- Full variety of academic degrees
- Attractive job opportunities
- Secure comfortable living conditions
- International and tolerant community
- 20 hours work permit during term time and fulltime during holiday
- Availability of post study work visa
- An easy means to obtain the Permanent Resident (PR) status

Documents required for admission

- Birth Certificate
- A and O Level Certificate/ Baccalaureat and Probatoire Certificate
- University Transcripts and Attestation
- Exam Result (IELTS ) if applicable
- Valid Passport
- Internship/ Work attestation if applicable.
- Motivation letter(Why you choose your course of interest) if applicable
- Recommendation letter from your teacher (if applicable)
- CV. NB: (school certificates, transcripts, passport & birth certificate will be legalized)

Latest date to receive documents 15 March 2017 (places are very limited) Classes start in September

Other services offered by ILEC

- General English language classes, level 1 – 8 (Beginners – Upper-advanced)
- Intensive English language classes level 2 – 5 (Elementary – upper intermediate)
- IELTS, TOEFL, GRE and GMAT exam preparation and registration.
- We represent multiple Universities and colleges abroad (UK, Austria etc). To all students going to study in our partner schools, IELTS and TOEFL preparation is FREE.
- Canadian Immigration. Now is the time to start building your file for Quebec skill worker immigration program in preparation for 2017 intake
- Translation of documents

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