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A Professional Degree

Some colleges and universities offer programs that allow international students to study for a very specialized degree at a higher level of education. For example, foreign attorneys and other international students can choose to study for the LL.M., which offers advanced legal study at a U.S. university’s law school.

While most law students in the United States spend an average of three years studying to become a lawyer, foreign attorneys can earn an LL.M. degree in a shorter period of time, often in one year. LL.M. programs provide international students with a chance to explore American legal issues and legal research methods in classes with American law students, as well as sharpen their English language and academic skills.

LL.M. programs can have a competitive admissions process, accepting only international students with a strong legal and academic background, as well as strong English language and writing skills. The main benefit, however, is the invaluable learning experience of American law through this intensive and often challenging program.

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