Adult Business English Courses

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For workers who want to develop their speaking, listening, reading and writing skills in a variety of different contexts related specifically to the world of work and business.
English is essential if you want to get ahead in today’s fast-paced global economy. This course has therefore been specifically designed to give you the skills required to communicate effectively in the world’s business language.
The course is focused on contexts that are relevant to your working life. So your teacher will select materials to help you with the specific areas you want to improve. These might include negotiating skills, telephone and teleconference skills, giving presentations or managing meetings.

• It is taught by highly qualified teachers.
• Experience business focused lessons that use modern techniques, allowing you to practice. English through role-plays, presentations, written tasks etc.
• It permits you to see your skills progress in all areas relevant to your workplace.
• We use targeted, up-to-date business materials that help with specific areas in which you want to improve.

Levels: Pre-Intermediate – Advanced (2 terms = 1 academic level)

Option 1: 3: Monday, Wednesday and Friday
Option 2: 2: Tuesday and Thursday

Length of lessons:
Option 1: 1 hour 40 minutes
Option 2: 2 hours 30 minutes

Total hours: 50 per term (half an academic level)

Course fees per term: 90,000 CFA
Level placement test: 5,000 CFA
Multimedia Centre: Free to registered students and 20,000 CFA for non-registered students.
Materials: Workbook: 10,000cfa (compulsory)
Student book: 15,000cfa (optional and available in class)
CD for self-study: 10,000cfa (optional and available in the Multimedia Centre)

Term dates:
7 July – 13 September 2014. Registration is going on.
1: 6 October – 13 December 2014
2 : 5 January – 4 March 2015
3 : 6 April – 13 June 2015
4: 6 July – 11 September 2015

Weeks: 10

NB Terms will be extended to compensate for any days missed as a result of public holidays.

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