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Tuition fees for non-EU international students vary widely between institutions and programs and range from about £4000 to £25,000 ($6000 – $38,000 US) a year. EU students pay the same as English citizens, which was capped at £3225 (approx. 4000 euros) in 2014 and are subject to change.

Some universities may also give a part of tuition fee waiver or scholarships to International students who have good and exceptional academic background. These range from £ 500 to £ 5000.

Education UK website.
Expenses(Approximate )
UK qualifications are recognized and respected throughout the world. To study in #UK usually
leads to excellent career prospects.

Approximate tuition fees and Living Expenses are given below:

Fees: (For one year)
£ 3000 to £ 6000
£ 5000 to £ 9000
£ 8000 to £ 13000

As per the latest development, cost of living in the U K will be as follows with effect from the

1st July 2014;

Living and Food expenses*: (per head)In London per month

In #London
Outside London
£ 820
£ 1020
* For Visa purpose visa officer would like to see student has amount which is more than or equivalent to the amount of living expenses for 9 months.

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