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Cameroon students interested in furthering their education in the US are required to demonstrate English proficiency and Academic preparedness, in order to gain admission for the degree they seek to obtain, and possibly seek financial sponsorship.

•For academic preparedness, students MUST take the SAT ( for undergraduate admissions or the GRE1 ( for general Masters/PhD degree and business school admissions
•For English proficiency, students from Cameroon require a minimum score of either 550 on paper-based TOEFL, 200 on internet-based TOEFL ( or 6.5 on IELTS (
Students take these exams both in the US and across the world. The higher your SAT or GRE score, the better your chances of getting good admissions, and maybe financial assistantships, compared to other students seeking admissions like you. The whole process is simple, direct, but competitive, with no short cuts.

The good news: Cameroon students have all the control over fulfilling their dreams of an American education. Success at the GCE and Baccalaureate, or graduating from Cameroon universities is more difficult than US admissions exam requirements; it’s all about each student’s attitude. Between 600 and 1200 student visa are issued yearly by the US embassy. They all studied for the admissions exams, scored high, obtained admissions and… their US visas into an American University. Some who did not succeed at first try did not give up; they tried again with more determination and effort.

At ILEC; our goal is to enable ALL interested Cameroon students prepare, apply, and gain admissions and their student visas to the US each year.
Be one of them…. Start preparing today …… Stop at one of our centers.

“The SAT is not hard, however it requires a lot of work and determination. The secret to doing well in the SAT is to solve as many problems as possible; you should be able to look at a problem and know exactly which steps to take to get the answer. Basically if you could get through O levels in Cameroon, you will do well in the SAT"

Marc Enoh, 2011 graduate, University of Michigan.
2007 graduate of Sacred Heart College, Bamenda.

Preparation Timeline: Begin your US university application process early – 12 to 18 months before the date you plan to start classes
• 12–18 months: Research and chose universities and programs of interest.

Study, register and take required admission exams
• 9– 12 months: Compile and submit complete application (online application, transcripts, personal essay, letter of recommendations…)
• 3 – 6 months: Apply for your US visa
• 1– 3 months: prepare for departure to the US.

Now in Cameroon, ILEC supports students seeking to study in the US with the following services:

US Admissions Exam Online Preparation Courses:
GRE, SAT, GMAT and LSAT online courses for students preparing to apply for undergraduate or graduate admissions into American Colleges and Universities. Students can study at their ease from anywhere with internet access. Each interactive, comprehensive self-study course presents the equivalent of over 600 pages of printed material with hundreds of examples (more than 3 regular prep textbooks), with interactive support from examiners in the US.

Duration: 3 months. Cost: 75,000 CFA per course.
We also offer TOEFL/IELTS onsite preparation. Cost: 90,000 CFA
Take Our Test preparation course
-Score high on Test
-Gain US admission
-Apply for scholarship

The world is your stage!
Exam Registration and University Applications Services

We help students
•Register and pay online for admissions exams(IELTS, TOEFL, SAT, GRE, GMAT, LSAT, ACT)
• We train students on how to write personal statements
•Apply to universities and pay their application fees online
•Once you obtain your US student visa, we help with SEVIS fees payment.

Other services at ILEC
- General and intensive English language classes
- Intensive German language classes
- Translation of documents
- Summer camps abroad for children (UK, USA, Germany etc.…)
- IELTS and TOEFL exam preparation classes
- Registration & online preparation for IELTS.TOEFL.GRE, GMAT, SAT et LSAT.
- Canadian Immigration, Study abroad (Canada, UK, USA, Germany etc.)
- Visa counselling
- Distance learning (study from anywhere and obtain a UK recognised degree)

There are lots of scholarships in the US. Each university has its own scholarship scheme and several foundations like the MasterCard foundation offer scholarships to African students. All of these institutions agree on one thing;

Téléphone: 675632088 / 222232819
1 The GRE exams changed as from August 2011. Prep books circulating in Cameroon might no longer be useful. Use our online prep course; it offers most current, comprehensive and useful prep materials.

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